Listen children; perhaps you may hear; the voice of an Inspired Man; with a Truth to Tell; the Time has Begun for Those who are Seekers to Have Their Reward; the Truth was Well Hidden in the darkness Times; when none were Righteous, no not one once again; though some Sought It with the Purest of heart; Truth was Illusive by Greater Design; Listen my children; perhaps you may hear; the Dawn is Now Breaking and The Light Must Shine Forth; to Enlighten the Way for the Willin’ to that Crystal City of Forevermore; just sayin’ because it’s True♡♡♡The darkness began in belief of one’s first lie(disguised as opinion); The Dawn Breaks in Faith of One’s First Truth; little children we have Come to the Valley of Decision; to either love the darkness, or Walk in the Light; my journey began at aged Seven years and For Me And My House; We Shall ChooseThe Light; And All of the Willin’ will Gather There♡♡♡ Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ “Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Official Audio)” on YouTube

Michael the Pearldropper Greatly Desires to Speak to All Who Are Listening; Those who still possess; eyes that see and ears that hear; those capable of Discerning the Signs of the Times; the day is coming to a Conclusion and the Darkness is Near; at the Very Door; Beloved Walk in the Light if you are to Reach a Safe Haven; the Light is Love out of a Pure Heart; Charity is the Key; Charity is Love in Action; in Word and Deed; the Safe Haven Only Belongs to Those Few who Have Been Chosen out of the Many; whose Choice was to Serve the Needs of They Considered Least Among the Many; as the Darkness Comes; the Opportunities will Demand More of the Willing; those who forsake Self in Sacrifice for Others; just sayin’ because it’s True♡♡♡; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter; if that Be your Hearts Desire; I Hope to See You along the Way♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ Watch and Be Blessed♡♡♡ “Pink Floyd – On The Turning Away (1989-07-15) FM” on YouTube

For those who have ears to hear♡♡♡ ☆♤♡ Wake Up Call; awake you sluggards; stand up and do what you know in your hearts is right or suffer the fate of those who refuse; just sayin’ because it’s true; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter or not; it’s an individual choice; the only choice not afforded to us is not to choose ♡♡♡☆ Watch “A Shocking New Look at the 2008 Housing Crisis | Amanpour and Company” on YouTube

Worth the time it takes to listen carefully to the point of understanding; my good advice for those in need; when bad advice simply will not satisfy; Good Advice is not accepted by the arrogant; simply because they have come to believe they no longer have need for advice; just sayin’ because it’s true♡♡♡ For those who have ears that hear; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ Watch “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” on YouTube

When all is said and done; the Quality of Life we all Live has always hinged on a simple Truth; who we Choose to Believe to the Point that we are willing to follow in Their Footsteps; till we can walk beside them; for better or worse; the only choice that’s not our choice to make is not to choose♡◇♡ Just sayin’ because it’s True♡♡♡◇♡♡♡ “Bon Jovi / Bruce Springsteen – Who Says You Can’t Go Home 2012 Live” on YouTube