The confusion of the world will make you insane♡

While the confusion of the world can make anyone crazy; only the Truth can set and keep you free from the chaos of a world gone madd, just sayin’ because it’s true ♡

I am compelled to share the only defense available to mankind against insanity; it’s described as the Word of Life or the Way, the Truth and the Life ♡ Also in the parable, the Pearl of Great Price♡ You understand, as the Pearldropper, I’m compelled ♡♡♡

Noah Webster produced a work, called ” Noah Webster’s First Edition Of An American Dictionary Of The English Language ” in the year 1828♡ In my copy, a page is dedicated to the quote, “Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is; There Is Liberty. ” (2nd Corinthians 3:17)♡ On the next page is found; “If The Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do?” (Psalm XI:3)♡ Now, Noah was a bit of a wise man and understood that when words loose accurate meaning, understanding is lost along with the capacity for right thinking ♡ So, he made considerable effort to restore the foundation for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness ♡ Again, I am compelled to point out, that by the year 1828; Truth had been obscured to a great extent by opinion and Noah was not unaffected, just sayin’ because it’s true♡ Later, Will Rodgers, also a bit of a wise man, pointed out with words to this effect; it’s not what you know that’s a problem, it’s what you know that ain’t so♡ For those who wish to avoid being foolish, one must seek wisdom where it can be found, just sayin’ because it’s true ♡

Wisdom springs forth from the well of Truth; it’s Source is God the Father, through Christ and those who have come to Faith by believing Him; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡♡♡ Those who have been blessed to be a bit wise; have always become wiser as a result of the care they have taken in what they choose to believe; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡♡♡

I have with carefulness laid a foundation with a hope that the point I wish to make will be clear and therefore support Enlightenment and dispell the darkness of confusion by degree ♡ I have come to the realization that religion is what mankind clings to when they lack Faith and the more organized the effort, the worse the effects of religion become, believe it or not; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡ Faith satisfies a man’s true need; while religion promises that which it lacks the ability to deliver; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡ For those who wish to know the Truth and be satisfied with it’s blessings♡♡♡

Now I am compelled to come to the point I wish to make as God has given me the ability ♡ In a world where the masses identify themselves by their peculiar religious identity; I am a _______, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Morman, Jew, Budist, Hindu, Islamist, ect. and ect.; while this is their right, as mankind has from the beginning been afforded that right ♡

So religion by design divides people into their peculiar groups; provides justification to oppose one another to the degree that their choosing allows for, giving way to wars, persecutions and all manner of hateful, evil existence without hope of being free from it, apart from death♡ However, as I have come to realize; existence is a state of mind; reserved for those lacking an understanding of what it is to live, to have the life that we were created to enjoy before opinion got in the way of Truth; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡ So, opinion destroys the foundation that produces the darkness; which causes those who wish to be righteous to struggle to be satisfied and deprives the wicked of life and subject to mere existence; where pray tell is a solution to be found? Perhaps Noah should be considered helpful, let us proceed ♡♡♡

Since it is assumed by many people that I identify myself as being a Christian, perhaps Noah can shed some light on what it means: Christian, n. 1. a believer in the religion of Christ 2. a professor of the belief in the religion of Christ. 3. a real disciple of Christ; one who believes in the Truth of the Christian religion, and studies to follow the example, and obey the precepts of Christ, a believer in Christ who is characterized by real piety. 4. in a general sense, the word christians includes all who are born in a christian country or of christian parents (there is no justification for example #4, in God’sWord or reality, “Michael” of “Allen’ Neel)

Christian a. [see also noun] 1. Pertaining to Christ, taught by Him, or received from Him; as the christian religion; christian doctrines. 2. professing the religion of Christ; relating to Christ, or His doctrines; precepts and example; or Christian profession and practice.

Christianity n. [see Christian, from Christ] 1. the religion of christians; or the system of doctrines and precepts taught by Christ, and recorded by the Evangelist and Apostles.

Now I am compelled to state as Truth that Noah Webster was steeped in the controversy created by religion in the name of Christ; which caused him to inappropriately substitute religion where faith would be correct. This is not intended to find fault with Noah’s important work; rather he was diligent to do his best in a time of darkness; which only now, in this our time, have we begun to see the Light of Truth as our guide to Enlightenment. Christ did not come to establish religion; rather an enduring Faith in the hearts of all who choose to believe and trust in every Word that proceeded out of His mouth and those called, prepared and chosen to continue in His example; just sayin’ because it’s true ♡♡♡

Since I wittness to the Importance of Noah’s work; intended as a blessing and not a curse; since we’re on the subject what else should we give him time to offer us: Friend n. 1. one who is attached to another by affection; one who entertains for another sentiments of esteem, respect and affection which lead him to desire his company and to seek to promote his happiness and prosperity; opposed to foe or enemy. as examples; (Proverbs 17:17) “A friend lovethat all times ” (Proverbs 18:24 ref. 17:17) “There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother “. (Luke12:4) “And I say to you My friends, be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do”. (John15:13) “Ye are My friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you “. (John15:15) “Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what His Lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you”.

Religion is only found to be used in the New Testament six times and never used in Light of what Christ calls us to be partakers or identify with; rather Christ called out followers of religion to a Life of Faith in the revealed Word of God in order to be the transforming agent to bring the willing back into Harmony with God’s Will, becoming righteous by following the example illuminated by Christ’s conduct in word and deed. While the religious followers of their various forms of religion; were and continue to be the persecutors and accusers of the righteous. Therefore, it is by observing a persons conduct; you are made aware of what they believe. (Matthew7:20) “Therefore by their fruits ye shall know them”. (James1:16-27 ASV) Be not deceived, my beloved brethern. Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with Whom can be no variation, neither shadow that is cast by turning. Of His own Will He brought us forth by the Word of Truth, that we should be a kind of Firstfruits of the Creatures. Ye know this, my beloved brethren, but let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man worketh not the Righteousness of God. Wherefore putting away all filthiness and overflowing of wickedness, receive with meekness the implanted Word, which is able to save your souls. But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deluding your own selves. For if any one is a hearer of the Word and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his Natural Face in a mirror for he beholdeth himself , and goeth away and straightway forgeteth what manner of man he was. But he that looketh into the Perfect Law, the Law of Liberty, and so Continueth, being not a hearer that forgeteth but a doer that worketh, this man Shall Be Blessed in his doing. If any man thinketh himself to be religious, while he bridleth not his tongue but deceiveth his heart, this man’s religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is This, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself Unspotted from the world. (Matthew 7:21) “Not everyone that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, Shall Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that Doeth the Will of My Father Who Is In Heaven.

I am just “Michael” the called, prepared and chosen to serve, Pastor and Teacher; I follow the example of the Good Shepherd, I am not a hireling♡ Because my God called; not man, I serve His Christ, The Word of God Almighty and all willing to believe; both now and till the time of the gentiles is fulfilled; that is my reasonable service♡

May you have a truly blessed day and every day hereafter ♡ In Sincere Love, Michael

5/15/2021 @ 13:51

Truth is found by those who truly seek it, this is and always has been true ♡♡♡

For those who seek truth in a world possessed by opinion, I write♡♡♡

10/17/20 God judges the motivations behind our words and actions ♡

Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world, yet claim to be a loving God?

4/27/21@08:16 The first statement is simple Truth ♡ The question deserves a truthful answer. My God does not impose His will on mankind, simply provides the means to enlighten man of his choices and the knowledge that with choices come consequences. The blessed of mankind have chosen the path of doing God’s revealed will for the good that it produces. Because they chose to seek it out by their choice♡ The cursed of mankind choose to reject the revealed will of God and follow the path provided by the world which opposes God, rebels against the good, against God, and does evil while claiming often that they act for a perceived good. While they seek the path that offers them a false benefit at the expense of other people. In doing so, they have chosen a path to their own destruction, existing in an illusion of life.

God does not allow evil and suffering in the world, mankind by their choices allow it ♡

While God offers the Way for those who seek it, to escape the evil and suffering created by a world in rebelion against the good made available by the loving and only True God ♡ Only those enlightened by God’s Word, the Christ of God, Jesus and those who subject themselves to Him as their Lord, know this to be True and therefore willingly put their Trust, their Faith in Him♡

God does not cause the Righteous to suffer, it is the price we willingly pay for the purpose we are called to fulfill ♡

While the world inflicts unjust suffering on the Righteous, God offers protection of the Life of the just and the means to escape the worlds influence, the spirit that produces the evil that plagues the majority of mankind. My words are True, they are a blessing only to those who believe them and a threat to those who rely on the lie promoted by the opinions of a world that seeks to profit by means of deception. Any gains that they appear to enjoy are false and temporary. In Truth; they come at a cost only the deceived are willing to pay, both now and more so in the days that follow. The deceived, by their very nature are unaware of the source of their difficulties and the Way provided, available, to escape them, being bound by the very chains of deception. Their only hope lies in being awakened to the Reality that only Truth can Reveal♡ It’s time for the Willing to Awaken from their Slumber, ìmposed upon them, but willingly accepted through the choices made in the darkness provided by the world’s system.

Only those who Awaken and Seek the Light of Truth can escape the death the world offers, so called existence, and begin again to walk in the Light of Life, that God offers All who Come to Him♡

I do not claim the words I offer, though True, are my own; for God is the Source of All Truth and freely given by inspiration to those given eyes to see and ears to hear, those whose desire is to be His children, we will not be disappointed ❤

I am just “Michael”, called, prepared and chosen to Serve, the Way, the Truth and the Life: The Lord♡♡♡

Have a truly blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡

This I offer to my followers, to whatever their degree of Devotion may be guiding them, as I found it worthy of our time♡ For those who may wonder; who am I to offer this for careful consideration to others? I am, just “Michael”, called, prepared and chosen to serve the Way, the Truth and the Life; by God not men, “The Lord”♡♡♡ “The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?” on YouTube

May you have a Blessed Day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡

♡ I came across this song for the first time on the 23rd day of April in the year TwentyTwenty and thought it worthy of Reflection; I thought I heard a somewhat curious line from my perspective; that went something like this; we don’t need someone shouting from their island; that only Jesus Saves; as if it were not true; which set my course upon reflection; knowing that one hears with ears attuned to their personal perspective; which is the product of the influences to which one has been exposed; the spirits one has received; because in Truth spirit is Influence; there is a spirit which questions whether only Jesus saves; while there is a Spirit that admits no doubt that only He; the one who was named Jesus; has been given the power and authority to Save; one’s perspective is the product of the spirit one chooses to believe; I have come to the understanding that there are two foundational spirits; fountains of influence in harmony with it’s true source; which compete in opposition to one another for devotees; followers of their influences; the one invokes doubts in it’s followers by offering them opinions; unstable in that they are ever subject to change, to guide their path in the time of their existence; the Other offers Faith to those prepared to receive it; and when faith is brought to maturity; it’s foundation supports the perspective that admits no place for doubt; this Spirit offers it’s devotees Truth; stable in that Truth never changes; that which is true today was true from the beginning of time and will remain true as long as time is permitted it’s influence; the end of time, so to speak, as it is now perceived; it’s the Spirit of Truth that Lights the Path; enlightens the Way in the life of it’s devotees; if they only continue to trust and pay close attention to it’s influence; they find their time of stumbling existence will come to an end♡♡♡ So where has my reflection led me and to what conclusion has it brought delivered my thoughts; there is a sure and certain reason for my reflection on this song; my mother used to share with me her thought That; she would rather see a sermon, than hear one by one called a preacher who stands in a pulpit proudly elevated above the recipient’s of his message; so are those who shout of a Jesus from their island that separates them from the people who don’t perceive things as they do; while they miss the meaning of a song such as this; the Jesus that Saves is found in it; God is Love; and Jesus is the expressd Image of Love; He is the Truth that flows from the Mouth of God; He the Way that leads to Love of the Charitable Sort; Love in Action; and this is the Message reflected as I perceive it; in this song I have chosen to share this morning ♡♡♡ Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ With Love Unfeigned, Michael ♡EarsToHear♡EyesToSee♡ “Jackson Browne & Leslie Mendelson “A Human Touch” from 5B – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO” on YouTube

Listen children; perhaps you may hear; the voice of an Inspired Man; with a Truth to Tell; the Time has Begun for Those who are Seekers to Have Their Reward; the Truth was Well Hidden in the darkness Times; when none were Righteous, no not one once again; though some Sought It with the Purest of heart; Truth was Illusive by Greater Design; Listen my children; perhaps you may hear; the Dawn is Now Breaking and The Light Must Shine Forth; to Enlighten the Way for the Willin’ to that Crystal City of Forevermore; just sayin’ because it’s True♡♡♡The darkness began in belief of one’s first lie(disguised as opinion); The Dawn Breaks in Faith of One’s First Truth; little children we have Come to the Valley of Decision; to either love the darkness, or Walk in the Light; my journey began at aged Seven years and For Me And My House; We Shall ChooseThe Light; And All of the Willin’ will Gather There♡♡♡ Have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ “Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Official Audio)” on YouTube

Michael the Pearldropper Greatly Desires to Speak to All Who Are Listening; Those who still possess; eyes that see and ears that hear; those capable of Discerning the Signs of the Times; the day is coming to a Conclusion and the Darkness is Near; at the Very Door; Beloved Walk in the Light if you are to Reach a Safe Haven; the Light is Love out of a Pure Heart; Charity is the Key; Charity is Love in Action; in Word and Deed; the Safe Haven Only Belongs to Those Few who Have Been Chosen out of the Many; whose Choice was to Serve the Needs of They Considered Least Among the Many; as the Darkness Comes; the Opportunities will Demand More of the Willing; those who forsake Self in Sacrifice for Others; just sayin’ because it’s True♡♡♡; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter; if that Be your Hearts Desire; I Hope to See You along the Way♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ Watch and Be Blessed♡♡♡ “Pink Floyd – On The Turning Away (1989-07-15) FM” on YouTube

For those who have ears to hear♡♡♡ ☆♤♡ Wake Up Call; awake you sluggards; stand up and do what you know in your hearts is right or suffer the fate of those who refuse; just sayin’ because it’s true; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter or not; it’s an individual choice; the only choice not afforded to us is not to choose ♡♡♡☆ Watch “A Shocking New Look at the 2008 Housing Crisis | Amanpour and Company” on YouTube

Worth the time it takes to listen carefully to the point of understanding; my good advice for those in need; when bad advice simply will not satisfy; Good Advice is not accepted by the arrogant; simply because they have come to believe they no longer have need for advice; just sayin’ because it’s true♡♡♡ For those who have ears that hear; have a truly Blessed day and every day hereafter ♡♡♡ In Sincere Love, Michael ♡♡♡ Watch “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” on YouTube